Using two flash brands with the Raven

The Raven offers the unique ability to trigger two different flash brands at the same time. The Raven not only can send signals on the 2.4GHz frequency to trigger flash brands, but it can also simultaneously send a signal on E-Release frequencies 340MHz to 350MHz to trigger PocketWizard radios.


*For the set-up instructions, Buff (Paul C. Buff) will be 1st selection, and Wizard (PocketWizard) will be 2nd selection


The Set-Up

  1. Selecting flash brands, you will be using. Start in the Zone Control Display and swipe from bottom to top. Then use the dial to scroll to Brand and tap on it. Here is where you will select your flash brands. You can use your finger to scroll through the brand names, or tap on 1st, or 2nd, and use the dial to scroll through the brand names. Once you have your selections made, tap on Check
  2. Selecting your channel.
    1. You will need to use the same Channel for all of your remote flashes. The first brand listed will dictate available Channels. In this case, as Buff is the 1st selection, you will have channels 1-16 to choose from since that is what Paul C. Buff offers for their flashes. Your PocketWizard devices would need to be set to the same Channel number as the Buff flashes.
      1. If it were vice versa, you would still need to set the PocketWizard devices to channels 1-16, because of the same fact that Buff only offer channels 1-16 for the flashes.
    2. Be sure to select a channel based on the RF Noise levels. The more green in the level indicator the better the signal.
    3. If the level indicator shows Yellow or Red, you should switch to a channel with more green.Yellow and Red indicators show more RF Noise, and your signal will be dramatically reduced.
    4. Once you have made your channel selection, press Check
    5. Then press the Back button on the right side of the Raven to return to the Zone Control Display
  1. Selecting and adjusting your power settings.  It is suggested to separate the lighting manufactures to different zones so you can change the power levels independently.  To adjust the power levels, quickly tap on the touchscreen for the zone letter of the zone you want to adjust the power level.  Once the letter is highlighted you can rotate the dial to make your power level adjustments.  
Setting Up 2 Flash Brands


At this point you are now ready to start shooting with both brands of flashes. If you need to make quick changes to your channel, you can use the Quick Setting screen. From the Zone Control Display, swipe top to bottom. Then tap on channel_selection (1), and change your channel based on the RF Noise levels and tap Check when finished. If you want to change the flash brands, look for the selection at the bottom of the Quick Setting screen that has the Buff and Wizard icons. Since Buff is our 1st selection, it will appear on top of the Wizard icon.


Quick Settings Screen