Setting up a Raven as a transmitter for remote cameras

Raven as a Master Camera Transmitter

  • From the Zone Control Display screen swipe from right to left.  This will bring you to the Camera Triggering display.  
  • Tap on Master.
  • Here in the Zone Selection screen, select the zone you want to choose.  At this time only one zone can be selected.  We are working hard to make it possible to select multiple zones.
  • Then swipe from top to bottom and tap on the Channel Selector icon  undefined-1 
  • In this screen, the RF Noise Detector scans all channels for RF noise present in the venue you are shooting in.  The more Green, the less amount of RF noise.  If you see Yellow or Red, you need to change to a channel with more Green in the RF Noise Detector.
  • The Raven also scans each channel you scroll to using the Remote Camera Detector for other Raven or PocketWizard devices set to that particular channel.  Find a channel that does not show the camera icon on the left side of the channel number.
  • Once you have found a channel with the least amount of RF noise and no remote cameras set to that channel, press Check to make your selection.  
  • Then press the Back/Home button to bring you back to the Zone Selection screen. 
  • Now you can do a PING Test by pressing and holding the PING icon on the touchscreen to see if the remotes you have set up are within signal range and active.  If your remote is near the limits of the signal range or in high noise area, the circle around the zone letter will turn Yellow or Red and you should consider changing your channel.  However, a Green circle around the zone you selected confirms your remote camera is within signal range and active.  
  • Once you have selected your channel and performed a PING test you are ready to shoot.  Leave the Raven in the Zone Selection screen to trigger your remotes.

Raven as a Transmitter for Remote Cameras-1