RF Noise Detector

Noise_0419When selecting channels for your flash equipment or remote camera, there is a RF, or Radio Frequency, Noise Detector that tells you how much RF Noise is present on that channel in the environment you are shooting in. The best channel to use, is a channel that has the most amount of Green in the level indicator. 


Noise_0414Channels that have Yellow or Red in the RF Noise Detector should be avoided as the signal reliability reduces greatly, and will dramatically shorten the signal distance 



*When setting channels for Profoto, Godox, or Buff, the Raven scans the 2.4GHz frequency for RF Noise. When setting channels for PocketWizard channels, the Raven scans 340MHz to 354MHz for RF Noise.


Studio Session-119Along with the RF Noise Detector, there is also a Remote Camera Detector that will scan each channel you scroll to when using Master and Remote Camera Triggering to let you know when a Raven, or PocketWizard, receiver is set to that channel.  You will see an image of a camera on the left side of the channel number.  Before you set up your receiver unit, it is highly suggested to choose a channel that does not have the image of a camera during the scanning process.  To learn more about Remote Camera Detector click here