Connecting Profoto flashes to the Raven

  • Start from the Zone Control Display by swiping from bottom to top. 
  • Then rotate dial to Brand and tap on it.  
  • Scroll through and select Profoto as the 1st choice and press Check
  • Then select the channel based on the least amount of RF Noise available, and press Check.  
  • Press Back/Home button to return to Zone Control Display so you can begin taking pictures.
Profoto Brand and Channel Selection


*If you need to make a quick channel change, you can swipe from top to bottom of the screen, and tap  channel_selection (1).  Here you can quickly scroll through to find the best channel for your shooting environment. Tap Check once you have made your selection.  Then press the Back/Home button once to take you back to the Zone Control Display.

*When setting the channel for your Profoto lighting equipment, keep in mind that some units use channels 1-8, while others use 1-20.  Click here to see a list of Profoto lighting equipment channel options

*Only 3 zones (A,B, and C) are available for use with TTL

*When using Profoto lighting equipment, you can only use Manual mode or TTL, and not both at the same time.