Auto Focus Assist Light

The Raven Nose Light Control

The Raven’s Nose Light was specifically designed to offer several beneficial options to the photographer. It offers both Auto Focus and Manual Assist lighting, and the Fill light. You have the option of Red or White lighting when selecting Auto or Manual Assist lighting. The option of using White light is a huge advantage to mirrorless cameras, since mirrorless cameras cannot use the conventional AF Red assist light due to sensor filters and cannot see the IR assist beam. Nikon Mirrorless cameras all have a forced White light setting even if you try to use the Red light. Also, the Raven sits high enough above the lens and lens hood so that it properly lights the target you are focusing on.


Auto Focus Assist Light

  • From the Zone Control Display, swipe bottom to top.
  • Then scroll to Local Light and tap on it.
  • Then scroll to AF assist and tap on Check.
  • Here you can select Red light, White light, or OFF. Scroll to your selection and tap Check
  • Then press the Back/Home button to return to the Zone Control Display.
  • Now swipe top to bottom and look to see if the Local Light is on.  Local_light_1 Local Light is ON, Local_light_1 (1) Local Light is OFF
  • Now set your camera body and/or lens to Auto Focus.

You will need to check your camera manual for the correct camera setting for Auto Focus Assist light. It is the camera’s protocol that tell the Raven when to use AF Assist. Every camera manufacture and model can have different settings.

*Auto-Focus assist is not available with Mirrorless cameras since the camera does not output the signal for use of Auto Focus assist.  However, Manual Focus assist is still available using the Raven.  See the below instructions on setting up Manual Focus Assist light


AF Assist Light