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  2. Flash and light triggering

Using TTL with the Raven

Godox and PocketWizard TTL

To set up the Raven for use with TTL you simply tap that letter zone on the screen or the zone button to highlight that zone.  When highlighted that zone will have a white circle around it.  Once your zone or zones are highlighted, press Fig 1.  Then select TTL, and the screen will return to the Zone Control Display. 

Profoto TTL

Profoto does their TTL in a different method from Godox or PocketWizard.  They use a single preflash for all zones vs. independent metering for each enabled zone.  This means that the camera calculates a single lighting brightness and then Raven divides that up for each zone.  This method however requires that all zones be in TTL or all in Manual at the same time.  You cannot mix modes if Profoto is one of your selected brands.

Nikon Raven

The Nikon Raven only supports up to 3 zones (A, B, and C) for TTL for all brands of flash.

Canon Raven

The Canon Raven supports all 4 zones for TTL when using Godox flashes.

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