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Using PowerTracking control with the Raven

PowerTracking allows for automatic adjustments to your flash power based on your changes to the aperture, ISO, or a combination of both.

To set up PowerTracking and choose your options, you will need at least one zone to be active with the letter highlighted.  Then start by tapping on Fig 1  in the Zone Control Display.

Center-1 Fig 1 

PowerTrack 1


Then tap on PWR TRACK




PowerTrack 2

From here you can choose the option that best suits your needs.  ISO, Aperture, or Aperture and ISO.  Tap on Fig 2 once your selection has been made.  Now you confirm the Aperture and/or ISO you are currently using on your camera and press Fig 2 when finished. 

Check Fig 2


PowerTrack 5-1

This will return you to the Zone Control Display.  The zone you selected for PowerTracking is now displayed with a blue arrow along the power bar.  From here you can adjust the exposure set point by rotating the ring dial and let the Raven control the rest.


This mode is perfect for studio photography where identical exposure is needed, but the camera settings change shot to shot. Adjust your depth of field without needing to adjust your lights: Raven makes it just right.


*PowerTracking can only be used in Manual Mode.