Using multiple Ravens with one set of strobes

The Raven offers the unique ability for use of two or more Ravens on the same channel, with the same set of flashes, all at the same time.  To do this, the channel settings need to be identical in both Ravens. 

Raven permits both devices can be in completely different modes.  In other words, one Raven can be TTL, the other Raven can be Manual, or both can be TTL, or both can be manual. When a zone is set to TTL the combination of the camera, Raven, and flash determines the final power level.    You can have two or more different camera set ups, or even two or more photographers without control conflicts as long as there is enough time between shots for the flash to recycle.  Even if dialing in different power levels into the different Ravens at the same time, the Raven will refresh the Manual power levels to the flash unit milliseconds before the flash is triggered ensuring the correct power level is achieved.

*Currently this is only available for use with Godox flashes or PocketWizard FlexTT with Speedlights

*The Nikon Raven only supports up to 3 zones (A, B, and C) for TTL for all brands of flash.

*The Canon Raven supports all 4 zones for TTL when using Godox flashes.