Setting up a Raven as a receiver

Raven as receiver

  • From the Zone Control Display screen swipe from right to left. This will bring you to the Camera Triggering display.  Tap on Remote.
  • Then rotate to Radio and tap on Check
  • On the next screen, swipe from top to bottom and tap on the channel selector icon channel_selection (1).
  • In this screen, the RF Noise Detector scans all channels for RF noise present in the venue you are shooting in.  The more green, the less amount of RF noise.  The Raven also scans each channel you scroll to using the Remote Camera Detector for other Raven or PocketWizard devices set to that particular channel.  Once you have selected the channel you want and press Check when finished. 
  • Then tap on TriggerDelayZonesButton. Here you can select the zones you want for your Raven receiver and then press the Back/Home button twice.
  • This screen shows you the RF Noise level, the channel you have selected, and the zones you have selected.

    Raven as a Receiver