Setting power Display Units on the Raven

The Raven offers three options for power settings, 0.3 stops to equal the changes in shutter speed or aperture, 0.1 stops for lighting precision, and Fractions for those more familiar with speedlite power adjustments. 

  • To choose the option you prefer, start by swiping from bottom to top from the Zone Control Display 
  • Then use the dial to scroll to Settings and tap the icon with your finger
  • Now use the dial to scroll to Display Units and tap the icon with your finger 
  • Here are the options of 0.3, 0.1, or Fractions.  Scroll to your preference and tap undefined 
  • Then press the Back button twice and you will return to the Zone Control Display.

*Fractions are not available TTL mode.  Display units are set to 0.1 by default

Setting Power Display Units