Controlling Profoto Flashes with the Raven

The Raven is compatible with most Profoto flashes. Click here to see the full list.


Brand and channel selection

  • To set up the Raven to trigger Profoto flashes begin by swiping from bottom to top from the Zone Control Display
  • Then turn the dial to Brand and tap on it
  • On the left side of the screen scroll through to Profoto and press Check
  • In this next screen you can select your channel using the RF Noise Detector. The more green the better!
  • Once you have channel selected, press Check
  • This brings you back to the Brand screen. Press the Back/Home button to return to the Zone Control Display to make your power level adjustments.
Profoto Brand and Channel Selection


*If you need to make quick channel changes you can swipe from top to bottom of the screen, and tap  channel_selection (1).  Here you can quickly scroll through to find the best channel for your shooting environment. Tap Check once you have made your selection.  Then press the Back/Home button once to take you back to the Zone Control Display.

*Not all Profoto lighting equipment has the same number of channels available.  To see a full list of channel options for Profoto lighting equipment click here.


Power level adjustments

  • To change the power level adjustments, begin by making sure at least one zone is active, and the zone letter is highlighted.
  • Then tap on this icon in the center of the screen Center-1.
  • Now tap on ButtonActiveMAN
  • This is where you will select the model of Profoto flash you will be using for the selected zone.  Scroll through the list and tap Check to make your selection.  This is so the Raven knows the minimum and maximum power output for each flash in the selected zone since Profoto has variety of flash models.
  • Once you have selected the flash model for each zone you are using you are now ready to make power level adjustment.  Start by selecting one or more zones with a quick tap on the screen or button for the zone.  Once the zone, or zones, letter is highlighted with a white circle you can now make your power level adjustments by spinning the dial.
  • Power levels change in .1 stops for each click as you turn the dial. After 10 seconds, the highlighted zone letter will end. This will lessen the chances of accidentally rotating the dial and change the power levels while holding the camera or while shooting images. To highlight the zone letter again, simply tap the screen or button.

    Profoto Power Level Adjustment

Manual, PowerTracking, TTL, Multipop, Modeling Light

  • To make changes to Manual, PowerTracking, TTL, Multipop, or Modeling Light, simply top on Center-1 from the Zone Control Display. In this screen you can make any of these changes.

*The following Profoto Flashes are unable to do TTL with the Raven, B4 Air, D1 Air, D4 Air, Pro-8 Air