Charging your Raven battery

Using the supplied USB cable that comes with the Raven, plug the cable into a 1A or greater USB charging port, such as an iPhone cube, and into the USB mini port on the left side of the Raven.  You can scroll to the Carousel Menu above the Zone Control Display to view the battery power and confirm it is charging.

If you see a Red toned screen display, then you battery power has dropped below 20%.  When this happens you will lose the ability to use the Fill Light, AF and Manual Focus assist light, and you will be unable to download firmware cloud updates.  It will take approximately 3 hour to charge from 0% to 100%


Charging Your Raven Battery



*Avoid going more than a month without a charge.  

*Do not leave the Raven plugged in and charging 24/7 for multiple days. Topping off once a week or two will give the Raven a longer life than always plugged in charging.